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Each New Year is a time to reflect and project. We look backwards on the year that came before, what went right, and what wrong? What were the moments we really enjoyed with family, friends, and our journey with the Lord? And we also strive to look ahead. What changes will I make in the coming year? What goals do I want to accomplish? What experiences am I hoping to have and who will I share them with? What will I do in order that the power of the Holy Spirit might be further unleashed in my life?

2018 will present us with 365 unique opportunities. What will you do with them? It is our belief, that what you do flows from what you consider important. Whether you eat, or work, or spend time with family, or serve in your community, or attend church services... it likely has something to with the level of importance you place on those activities.

We would love to invite you to join us over the next five weeks as we discuss some of the priorities that we think God is calling us as a church and individuals to explore. Sermon series runs January 7-February 14th with services starting at 10:00am, and videos available on YouTube and Facebook.

Hope to see you here!