It was Meant to be a Movement!
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Statistics tell us that on any given Sunday, only 17% of the American population will find themselves inside a church. And yet scripture tells us that this gathering of Jesus-followers is the bride of Christ, and the very thing that He died on the cross for. There are a lot of misconceptions about what church is, or what it should be. It has less to do with buildings and programs (cerntainly Jesus didn't die for THAT). It has so much more to do with redeemed human beings indwelt by the Holy Spirit joining the mission of Kingdom Building that Jesus came to start. Jesus spent his life making disciples who would in turn make more disciples that would continue the trend of making disciples and multiplying gatherings of disciples known as churches. In short, Christianity wasn't meant to be about a feel-good program in a comfortable building... it was grounded in Jesus' Kingdom, and it was Meant to be a Movement!

We hope you'll join us at Wesleyan Community Church on Sundays at 10am as we look at what it means to be a part of such a movement!