Heritage Potluck
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Heritage PotLuck

You are invited to join us for our first ever Heritage Potluck after service concludes on Sunday, November 4th! (Worship Service begins at 10am)

This is the time of year that we come together and celebrate our heritage in an attitude of thankfulness. As a part of that celebration, we invite you to bring a dish that reflects your family!

Please bring an appetizer, entrée and/or dessert to share that represents your family’s heritage or a recipe that has been passed down the family line – you know, the one your children always ask for when they come home (or that you would ask your parents for)! If you don't have a dish as described above, that's ok! Feel free to bring something that you would like to share with others!

You may choose to include recipe cards for your dish for others to expand their own personal recipe collection - don't forget to specify what family and/or country of origin on the card!

Beverages, Italian beef & rolls will be provided at the meal!

We are excited to come together with thankful hearts to celebrate the diversity and beauty of God's family through sharing a meal!