Dangerous Prayers
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For many of us, our prayer life can easily default to comfortable prayers such as "God bless me", "God give me...", "God help me...", "God heal me..." These prayers tend to hold a view of God as a sort of benevolent grandfather in the sky looking to sneak us some candy when no one else is looking. While such prayers may be a starting point in communicating with God, scripture is filled with stories of men and women whose encounter with the divine was anything but comfortable or easy. Jesus' Kingdom is advancing against the Gates of Hell, and prayer is a weapon we use to wage spiritual war. War isn't comfortable, it’s dangerous. Maybe God is calling you into a deeper walk with Jesus, where your faith and your prayer life moves from what feels safe and comfortable, to what feels vulnerable and dangerous. Prayers which are less focused on what "I" want, and more focused on what "He" wants. Prayers that are less focused on temporal comforts of this life, and more focused on the Kingdom Movement Jesus invites his followers to join him on. Are you ready for war? Then get on your knees and get ready to pray like you may have never prayed before. Get ready for dangerous prayers!

Join us for a new sermon series exploring Dangerous Prayers August 5-September 9th.