Against All Odds
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At Weseleyan Community Church we've had several different sermon series over the course of the last three years looking at the book of Acts. Join us for final series... in the series... of series(es)... that's a grammatical tongue twister....

Anyway, the conclusion to the book of Acts is a fantastic look at how the Gospel Message about the Kingdom of Jesus Christ surges forward against all the opposition that Hell can muster. Maybe your life has faced some difficult times recently. Maybe as a Jesus-follower you see shifts in culture which appear hostile to Christianity and have some anxiety for the future. Maybe you wonder if God really has any place for YOU in His great story. I hope that you'll join us this fall as we wrap up the book of Acts and discover that there is victory in the name of Jesus... against ALL odds!!

Hope you'll join us Sunday mornings at 10:00am and follow us on Facebook and YouTube to catch up on any sermons you miss!