The 7 Churches
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The Greek word apokalypsis, or ἀποκάλυψις means “to unveil or take out of hiding.” It is the word we commonly translate as “revelation” in English, and the word for which we get the Book of Revelation at the end of our Bible. John wrote this book to seven churches in the province of Asia Minor likely sometime late in the first century AD. His purpose in writing was to share a prophetic vision about Jesus, his work within the world, his desires for his people, and his ultimate purpose to bring redemption to those who belonged to his Kingdom.

Near the beginning of the book, Jesus dictates a specific message to each of the seven churches to which the whole book is addressed. These letters carry words of commendation and caution, as well as a promise of redemption to those who overcome the trials of life. While written almost 2,000 years ago to a specific group of people in a specific community undergoing a specific set of circumstances, the words of these letters still have the ability to leap off the page and into our hearts.

These are letters which the voice of Jesus directed towards the Church of the first century, but which still have much to teach us today. They will convict, challenge, and encourage us. They may drive us to our knees in repentance, or cause us to sing out the praises of God’s power. But one thing that they will clearly do for us, is to give us a glimpse into the heart of Jesus as he interacts with a local church body of believers.

Won’t you join us as we explore what Jesus is saying to the churches?